by Andrew Lipke

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released May 22, 2012

Katy Ambrose - Horn
Elysa DiMauro - Horn
Steven Duffy - Trombone & Tuba
Adam Flicker - Trumpet
Chris Giraldi - Drums
Anida Goga - Violin
Andrew Lipke - Piano, Wurlitzer, Vocals,
Guitars, M3000, & Drums
Ryan Stroud - Trumpet
Krista Umile - Cello
Dana Weiderhold - Violin & Viola

Written, Arranged, Produced, & Recorded by Andrew Lipke at The Record Lounge in Philadelphia, PA

Mastered by Paul Hammond & Paul Sinclair at
Fat City Studios in Blue Bell, PA



all rights reserved


Andrew Lipke Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Andrew Lipke likes to make lots of different kinds of music. He also likes to help other folks make records and also likes to play Led Zeppelin songs.

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Track Name: Siddiqah
1.The Plan -
I had all my money saved
It was going to carry us away
I had all the plans laid out
We were going to be the first to make it out

Then we’d be together you and I
Two made one forever you and I

I had everything thought through
Who would know what we were soon to do
Breaking free from ancient chains
Only love can save us from our silent pain
When once again

We are both together you and I
Two made one forever you and I

2.The Warning -
you should be careful what you think
The ones who know they are watching you
You should be careful what you think
The rules were meant to follow you

You should take a few steps back, children
This is not how we do things here
take a look in the rule book, children
every consequence is made clear
there’s no picking and choosing, children
and there’s never another way
It’s your blood that we own, dear children
We will no let you lead yourself astray

3.The Escape -
We both had such high hopes
We would see the curse we bore be broken
Slipped out while the night was young
Words like diamonds on our tongues
not spoken

Soon we’d stay together you and I
Two made one forever you and I

4.The Wedding

5. The return

6. The Trap -
But what did you think would happen
and what did you think we’d do
And what did you base your plan on
You thought you were the real you

7. The End -
Well I’m sorry
I thought you realized
yea I’m sorry
I thought you were advised
We’re here to save you from
Track Name: Passing by
Come take your child and put his tiny hand in yours
See eye to eye when e’er you can
Your little baby brings the world a brand new face
but he’s only passing by

There he goes he’s running circles
round your new backyard
Just six years old and growing fast
If you could keep him with you
Lord knows you would try
But he’s only passing by

Another birthday this time he’s got things to do
Done got a life all on his own
Seems yesterday that he only had eyes for you
He was only passing by

Still don’t you remember
when you felt the things that he now feels
Gave birth to dreams and watched them die
Wish you could travel back and be there by his side
But you’re only passing by

You’re growing old
You’ve seen the sun set many times
And if not, you wonder why
You’re little baby, He’s got children of his own
And you watch them pass you by

Skies are grey and they can’t keep the tears away
Keep shouting curses at the sky
You’d give a thousand nights to have just one more day
But you were only passing by

So have one more drink and take the long way home tonight
You never know what you might find
Take one more moment in the arms of who you love
Cause they’re only passing by

yea we’re only passing by